A letter to my future love

~We all want certain things from Romantic Relationships and here are mine~

1. We will both share the same love for writing.

We will write cute little love letters for each other (AWWWWW) and do all that cute stuff people make fun of…haha but I won’t care because I love that sentimental stuff

2. We will have the same passion for Art.

Art in all forms, whether its painting, music, drawing- it’s all art and this is such an important part of me and the person I want to be with will have this same passion. Art and self expression is what makes me feel most alive.

3.) Also we will have the same passion for traveling

I loveeeee going to different places and experiencing all the beauty in the world and I want you to be by my side while this is all happening.

4. We will have incredibly chemistry

the kind where just looking in each other’s eyes there is fireworks. It will be emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological-We will be so drawn to each other in the best kind of way.

5.) I will never try and change you.

You are you and I will love you for your entirety-flaws and all. 

6. We will understand each other 

Everything between us will just make sense.

7. We will cook together.

Cooking together is such a great bonding experience. We will make all types of food together especially homemade pizza mmmmmm. Also breakfast-eggs, toast, sausage, bacon (I make some good breakfast not gunnnnna lie). We will also always be spontaneous and try out new recipes.

8. I will take care of you when you’re sick.

I will make you soup, get you the right medicine to make you feel better, cuddle with you, take a warm bath with you, just all around mother you so you feel taken care of. Who doesn’t love that nurturing stuff when they are sick?

9. We will make each other laugh

Life sucks sometimes and we will always find the humor and positivity in bad times. There will never be a dull moment with us.

10. I will support your dreams and goals

I want you to do what makes you feel alive and happy and I’ll be with you every step of the way. I want you to follow your passion & I will never get mad at you for trying to work extra hard at that (it may mean I won’t get to see you as much as I would like) but I will ALWAYS support you 100% and be your #1 fan in whatever you do.

11. I will get along with your family and friends.

I can get along with anybody. Literally anybody. I want to know your family and friends. I will help your mom make thanksgiving dinner and help with the cleanup that goes with that and I will chat with your dad while he tells me stories. I want to bond with your siblings (if you have them) I am extremely easygoing. You want to have a night out with your friends? Go for it. I will never make you choose me over your friends. I want you to be able to go out and have fun with your friends and I also want you to be okay with me needing a girls night sometimes. It’s all about having that balance.

12. I will give you space when you need it.

If you’ve been feeling stressed and everything/everyone is pissing you off and you need space…Go to your man den or your happy place whatever you need to de stress…I will never stop you. I completely get it we all need to zone out and be alone time sometimes.I just want you to be open with me when you feel like you need space.

13. I’ll communicate open and honestly.

I will accept that things aren’t always going to be rainbows and butterflies, we will have our ups and downs but we will always compromise. I will never blame you or make you feel bad about something. That’s not how I do things…I will have the utmost respect for you so I will always communicate open and honestly and after we are done sorting out whatever needs to be sorted out we will kiss and make up and maybe have some passionate love making time haha but really Solid communication is sooooooo important.

14. I will put thought into my presents for you.

I think creative presents are sooo much more meaningful then some store bought card that reads “Happy Birthday! -Love, Kayleigh” (that’s sooooo boring). My presents will be from the heart always.

15. I’ll give you (naked) massages when you’ve had a long day.

duhhhh and you better give me them too

16. I’ll stand up for you.

If someone is bringing you down lemme know I’ll beat them up…Just kidding but I will always stand up for you (even though you are a man and you are strong and know how to stand up for yourself) I’ll be your hero babyyyy & I will ALWAYS have your back. 

17.) We’ll be weird together.

Normal is soooooo boring. We’ll have our own unique weird little mannerisms about us that maybe no one else will understand. But we will because we are weird and weird is fucking awesomeeeee. 

 Lastly: You will not only be my lover but my best friend and partner- We will make the bestttttt team. We will always be changing, learning, and growing with each other.


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