If You Were Never Mine, Why Does It Still Hurt So Much?

Thought Catalog

Once, I wanted to believe you were mine. We exchanged glances, we had a cause and effect, you and I. Every action of mine received a go to response from you. I played the game as good as any, although secretly, I liked to believe I was different. I told myself that by being above it all I’d never get hurt. By acting like I didn’t care, by treating it like it was nothing more than a physical affair, it became just that. Meaningless. To you, it was all fun and games. To me it was anything but. You didn’t question more than you had to and anxious to not know, I kept quiet about the turmoil within, not too far beneath the surface. You had more of an impact on me emotionally than anyone I’ve ever met. I always thought we’d have more time. I should have known your…

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