The Pressure To Be Casual Is Ruining Dating For All Of Us

Thought Catalog

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I don’t understand the appeal of casual. In a world where crazy, deliberate, passionate, whole-hearted, and starry-eyed love exists, why is everyone trying to pretend like they don’t care about each other?

I’ve tried to conform. I’ve tried the perfectly calculated late replies to text messages — which my heart dips to receive — just to not come off like I was trying too hard. I’ve tried talking to multiple boys pretending that they’re interchangeable, purposely ignoring the ones that make my pulse race for fear of getting close enough and, eventually, hurt.

But I refuse to do this any longer. I can’t lie and say I look forward to having my heart broken. I’m all too familiar with that process, and no, it’s not all indie rock tortured love songs and lingering glances. It’s broken bits of glass shoved into every…

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