I was always both feet in with you
Giving you all of me
My fragile body
My lost soul
My confusing mind
And my loving heart

You were always half way there
Convenient was your favorite term
Simple was best for you

But nothing about this
was and could ever be simple
you felt it too, I know it
You could only give deep
because that’s who you are
One of the many things
I like about you

Tried to avoid those feelings
But you couldn’t stay away
As I couldn’t keep myself
from remembering
the ghosts you left behind

Maybe I was too much for you
The light you actually needed
Even though I lived in darkness
You seemed to bring out a light in me
A special kind of sunshine,
I’ve never felt before

I opened myself more
then I had ever dared to in the past
Thinking and feeling
that this one was different

Our chemistry was out of this world
Proving that science was real
And imaginary fireworks
existed between two souls

Your eyes were my favorite
Looking into them I felt at home
When you held me I always felt safe
Your voice radiated through my body
You made me feel alive
Being with you was
one of my favorite activities

I felt connected to you
in a strange way
I felt you so deeply
in a way I couldn’t explain
to anyone without looking crazy

Maybe I was crazy thinking
this was real
when this is starting to feel
like all the rest

All I ever wanted
was a chance to prove that maybe your scars wouldn’t be exposed again
I would love every broken part of you and never leave
Or make you feel bad about things
you consider imperfections
Even though
I’d never look at them that way
because they make you who you are
A special kind of boy

We all have our problems
I wanted to make yours mine
Like you wanted to make mine yours
You and me
so perfect in the most imperfect way

Maybe there were
hidden motives so deep
Did you like me because you needed me when you were lonely
Or need me because you liked me
Such similar questions
with such different answers

Maybe you are scared
because this is real
Maybe you will never
feel the way I do
Maybe the timing isn’t right
Maybe I was wrong
about all your actions and words
Maybe I was in denial
I could think of a thousand maybes
And may never know the truth

I am now starting to be halfway
You will only hurt me
Even though you said you wouldn’t
You want convenience
I want love
The two will never go together

I’ve never felt so confused yet so understood at the same time


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