No, A Mental Illness Is Not “All In Your Head”

Thought Catalog

Yesterday, I was standing in the check-out line at Target behind a woman on her cell phone who was talking in an unnecessarily loud voice. As I piled a few frozen burritos (yes, I buy those) onto the conveyor belt I overheard her say:

“I’m just in such a bad mood, I don’t want to deal with this…”

And 10 seconds later, she followed that comment up with:

“…no, I’m not depressed! I don’t believe in that, it’s like, just ’cause people have bad moods doesn’t mean they’re depressed,” she punctuated that comment with a chuckle. I pretended not to hear her but she wasn’t doing herself any favors in shielding others from overhearing.

“Well, it’s like those people who think they’re OCD because they’re uptight about cleaning or washing their hands or whatever…so stupid, it’s all in their head,” she continued.

At that point, I deliberately tuned her out…

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