The Art Of Forgetting

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Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 8.51.14 AMLulu Lovering

I was four years old when I first discovered my ability to forget. My parents had divorced the previous year and in my father’s absence, I chose to forget his voice (I had not known then that I could forget faces just as easily as well). So, with the forgetting of his personal sounds, I came to forget his favorite words and his conversational gestures as well. I had forgotten so many of his characteristics that the day I returned from school to hear his voice echoing through our home for the first time in months, I assumed it was a stranger.

Years later, I made a best friend and we spent every second together. She was just the perfect mix of soft and witty, something that I so admired. I know we spent many days together yet all I can remember now is us crouching together in…

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