It hurts.

I might have been broken
From the start
But something with you made me
Believe in this feeling again
I never was a believer before
Because of all the damage
Deep down to the depths of my heart
Because when you are conditioned
Not to need anyone you hold to that
But maybe I actually did need you
More then I thought I would
Certain people come into our lives
and somehow manage
to leave a scar on our hearts
even if it’s for a short period of time
They are as elusive as the sun only coming out when times are bright
and no where to be found
in the darkness that comes with it
Perfection is an illusion
that everyone seems to get lost in There is no perfect time
or no perfect person
Sometimes something real comes along in this midst of all of this
and you give your heart and soul away for it never to be grasped by the other
Using us for their own selfish pleasure
While they are still attached to another
Things like this hurt and break down our insides into tiny little pieces
only to leave us to pick them up again
We soak ourselves in a bath of hope in order to be strong enough to move on
Feeling used like something to fill
the empty spaces of the other person
When only in the end while filling
their broken loneliness
you become the empty one
Left to decide whether the glass
can ever be half full again
Because right now
my heart is as empty as this room
I’m painfully sitting in
That are filled with reminders of you
And you’ll never understand how
Much damage you did
With just one simple look


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