Just a thought for today

I think sometimes we get caught up in how bummed/hurt/sad we are about something not going the way we want whether it’s a job, a relationship, or anything. We all want to control the universe so bad we are so focused on things that didn’t go right we forget to acknowledge that there are a lot of things that do go right for us. I got caught up in a negative mindset about something that affected me that I started to forget the positives that came out of it and how lucky I was to experience something real. Of course we are human and it’s okay to feel hurt but you can’t harbor it forever. Even though it wasn’t how I wanted to end up I still got to experience it and that is something that is greatly meaningful to me. And now I’m really focusing on all the positives I have in my life and being thankful for all the beautiful people that bring happiness to my life, I love you guys.


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