14 Little Things A Guy Can Do To Make His Girlfriend Feel Special

Thought Catalog


1. Even if you aren’t the greatest cook, dimming the lights and firing up a few candles while eating makes it such a romantic setting. Seriously, even if it’s just cheeseburgers, there’s something so nice about lighting candles.

2. Leave a little note in her car or at her place with a sweet message on it. It takes just a few seconds to do and will totally brighten her day.

3. Remember the names of her friends. It shows that you’re interested in her entire life and want to be a part of it.

4. Wait until she gets home to start watching your shows on the DVR. It’s so much more fun to watch together and not having someone say, “oh watch this part!”

5. Sometimes big gifts can make things uncomfortable because of the amount of money spent on such a lavish item. A little gift that comes…

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