One of the realest things I’ve ever written.

Recently I discovered how much of an empath I am. For a long time I honestly thought I was crazy because the depth of emotion I was always experiencing was so overwhelming. I wanted to not feel for so long because I just didn’t understand the depth of it. Sometimes when I’m out around a lot of energy and people I need to escape because I literally feel other peoples pain all around me it’s fucking exhausting. Sometimes I even confuse their pain with mine. It’s such a weird thing and unless you experience it yourself and you’ll never understand if you don’t. Everyone is made up of energy from the universe and we are breathing, feeling creatures. People who classify these kind of people as crazy clearly haven’t been In a room or place with thousands of people literally feeling everything their feeling. Today for example I was at the gym around a lot of people(this is usually the place I go to escape anything and run my heart out because those endorphins literally help me) but today for some reason there was a lot of pain in the air. I started getting a deep pain in my chest and crying all of a sudden. And to keep in mind I was in a great mood today so it just didn’t make sense. I had to leave because the energy was too strong for me to handle. Try taking that on for a day. It’s not easy. This happens once a week for me and I need solitude to escape it and re group. This is why I love open minded people and other empaths because they get it. Talking about this is probably never going to be really socially acceptable amongst closed minded people because anything other then normal is “crazy” to them. And I truly believe if maybe you have a little strange in you, you’re more interesting. It’s a gift and when used properly you can help lots of people But only when you embrace it and don’t fight it.


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