“Crazy” people

My acting teacher said the best thing today: we love to talk about people who are deemed crazy to the world…people who loose their shit for A little while are the ones who names fill our mouths because everyone is so damn terrified of loosing it they act like everything is okay all the time. When in reality everyone is suffering one way or another the “crazy” people actually just allow themselves to feel because they are allowing themselves to be real. Everyone is so goddamn terrified of being judged we hold back everything we feel because of the fear of being perceived as “crazy”, even though every human one way or another feels these same things. In reality the “crazy” ones are successful Bc they create something beautiful out of their pain. And some of the best artistic pieces come out of those real moments when we actually allow ourselves to feel the emotions as they come. This is why I love my class so much and fucking hate the world crazy-thankful for people like her and the rest of like minded individuals.


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