Heartbeat: Is “Exclusively Dating” The New Title?

The Fickle Heartbeat

Is "Exclusively Dating" The New Title?

Shared by An Over-thinker Secret Romantic.

They say writing is liberating and for someone as expressive as me I decided to give it a shot; in addition I enjoy giving advice to others (particularly in the sentimental aspect) so maybe it’s time I ask for some advice back. The topic at hand: Titles

Long gone are the days where you basically had one of 2 options; either you were single or dating (aka, in a Relationship). However it seems to me like these days putting a label on things is considered the most dreadful thing in existence, particularly for men. I’m not trying to sound stereotypical but based on a recent personal experience as well as those of my closest gal pals it looks like men just won’t put a name on it (see what I did there?).

Excuses range from “why do we need a title? You know…

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