5 Pathways To Healthy Communication, Or How To Use Your Voice And Be Heard

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Alex Akopyan image – Flickr / Alex Akopyan

Communication is the key to any good relationship. Without it, our deepest needs, desires, and feelings are neglected. There is a healthy way and an unhealthy way to communicate. Unhealthy communication usually leads to arguing; arguing in which slams the door on effective expression and empathetic listening. Not only does arguing halt communication, it hinders the possibility of a resolution. Here are five pathways to healthy communication; how to use your voice and be heard:

1. Speak in first person

Avoid “you” in the conversation. Reframe your speaking using “I”. When you neglect to speak in first person, the one you are communicating with automatically becomes defensive. Healthy communication does not involve blaming. If you want to be heard, keep the conversation self-directed; this is about you…your needs, your feelings, and your desires. “I need to talk to you” works much better than…

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