I Want To Be The Girl Guys Fall Madly In Love With

Thought Catalog


For the record, I am not the girl guys fall madly in love with. I’m the girl guys fall madly in lust with, entertain the idea of for a few weeks ,and then promptly reject for something more… blonde. I guess I never really noticed that I was not “that girl” before because I was in a relationship for so long and thus never had to experience that torture that is dating. I blame my ex for inflating my head with the notion that I was easy to fall for, when in reality over this past summer of trial and error dating I now know the truth — I am not.

I can’t say I don’t have my share of interested parties. I’ve had a few wonderful 1st & 2nd dates, but that’s usually where it ends. I want to be the girl that guys can’t wait to see…

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