A Recipe For Lasting Relationships

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Pixelbliss / (Shutterstock.com) Pixelbliss / (Shutterstock.com)

So you’ve picked up the girl. Awesome. You wanna keep her, right? Well, the relationship game is a little different than the pickup game. They both take confidence, communication, patience, and intimacy—but instead of 45 seconds in the microwave, you’re gonna set the oven to 350°. Here’s a quick recipe for a lasting, healthy relationship.*

*Just as each kitchen is different, so is every relationship. Use ingredients as needed.

No substitutions.

Be genuine. Trying to cover up who you really are just messes with the whole flavor profile. Don’t spend your time trying to be the man you think she wants, because you already are. If she’s the girl for you, she won’t expect, ask, or demand you to change—instead she’s gonna bring out the best parts of who you were before you met her. This doesn’t mean that you won’t change a little bit…

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