21 Little Ways You Can Be More Vulnerable (In A World That Desperately Needs It)

Thought Catalog


1. Take a picture of yourself without any make-up and “regular” clothes. Share it with your loved ones with the caption, “Just me.”

2. Write a letter to somebody you used to know and explain how things ended from your perspective, and how you’re feeling these days.

3. Call someone in your family and ask them to tell you their favorite childhood story that involves the both of you.

4. Share an article that you connect with, with a friend or groups of friends and say, “This is how I feel.”

5. Smile for three seconds at someone you fancy/think is attractive.

6. Send a romantic song to someone you like with a note that says, “This made me think of you.”

7. When you’re feeling sad, disappointed, or angry, give a friend a call and ask them to just listen.

8. Let somebody see you cry.

9. When…

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