16 Essential Traits You Should Look For In Your Significant Other

Thought Catalog

1. They’ve had their heart broken before.

A person who knows the agony of being rejected, played around with, or kept in a gray area of “not exactly together” does not want to go through it again. Yet being dumped is an important part of character building, emotional rawness that’s essential to becoming a more understanding, compassionate mate. When you spend time wondering how a relationship went wrong, you’re less likely to repeat such behavior in a future relationship. You’ll appreciate the right relationship. You’ll also be better in tune for signs that the relationship is going south. Someone who has had their heart broken is capable of being in love. So go get dumped. Learn from it. Then find someone even better.

2. They have a best friend or two.

Great people have great friends who stay in touch with them. You want your significant other to have strong…

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