The Lovers We Don’t Get Over


Thought Catalog

Theyโ€™re the ones we say affected us in some cosmic, catalytic way. They were the little miracles that proved to us holding out hope was worth it. They unfolded the way we dreamt they would when we were kids. The closer we became and the more we were acquainted with the ways they didnโ€™t quite frame the picture we had in our minds,ย the more compulsively we learned to live with their flaws. Better than having to live without them at all.

Which, as you eventually find, is usually the first red flag that tells you that you will.

You do eventually have to learn to live without them at all.

You cycle through the stages. You bargain, you wonder what about you has to change. You question timing and criticize the promises divinity doled out to you. You arrive at the final realization that there are a lot of reasonsโ€ฆ

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