What It’s Like To Have A Wanderlust Soul

Thought Catalog

When you have a wanderlust soul, you live one decision at a time.

You can tell them by their eyes: the faintest glimpse of an ocean’s tide rising and swelling as they yearn for the sea, for winds of sails and foreign sands held captive in the far-away look they wear while shuffling along a midday street in a pulsing crowd. They are never really grounded in one spot; even as their bodies go through motions they cringe to repeat, they are biding their time ’til the next undoing. They awake with each dawn and instinctively glance skyward, searching for a sign, some restlessness in the clouds or the call of a lingering moon. They are unsettled, in the truest and most beautiful sense of the word. They belong nowhere, yet every place is their truest home. They feel welcomed by rivers and forests alike, and wherever they are, they…

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