What It’s Like To Live Every Day With A Mental Illness

Thought Catalog

Mental illness has become a huge taboo subject in America. We talk about gay rights, religion, equality…but what about mental illness?

People refer to us as “crazy,” “psycho,” “sick,” “insane,” and my personal favorite, “attention seekers.” All of this stigma surrounding mental illness makes me feel like I am not welcome in this society, that I should feel ashamed for not being “normal,” and that even though I’m doing my best to put on a happy face, I’ve been labeled as a bitch.

Our brain chemicals may be out of whack, but we still feel… we are still human.

Yes, almost every day it’s a huge fight to get up and be myself.

Yes, I start my day off by taking three different prescribed antidepressant and mood stabilizing medications so I can literally survive the day without breaking down, crying, yelling, ending my life, or running away.

Yes, every day…

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