27 Signs You’re Too Sensitive To Function Like A Normal Human Being

Thought Catalog

The Mindy ProjectThe Mindy Project

1. If someone is close to you, you will immediately sense a shift in their mood, disposition, or general well-being and will freak them out by texting, “are you ok?” and they’ll be like, “omg I was about to cry, how did you know?” And you will know, because you are the most sensitive human being on the planet and it’s a blessing and a curse, to say the absolute least of it.

2. Nobody can have a feeling around you without you picking up on it. Needless to say, being out in public can sometimes be downright exhausting for you. What is a leisurely hang-out in Starbucks for others becomes a battlefield of warding off other people’s feelings while sipping on a delicious beverage which is decidedly less delicious after feeling like you’ve picked up feelings like a bad cold.

3. If you have been invited…

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