To The Boy Who Told Me I Deserve Better

Thought Catalog

Hello. Do you remember me?

Do you remember the sweaty hand-holding in the movie house? Do you remember the sweet messages we’ve exchanged? Do you remember you promised to take me out to a fine, romantic candlelit dinner for two? Do you remember me?

There’s no real reason why I wrote you this letter. I guess I just want you to know how I am faring after you tossed me into the sea before the cruise even sailed. I’m fine, you know. Still making metaphorical jokes no one really understands. Still stressing over dates. Normal stuff. A little busy sometimes. Life’s little nuisances get in the way more often than not. I hardly ever think about you now. Not because there’s someone new but because I actively try not to. Fortunately, it seems like my brain has caught up with my plan not to think of you. But sometimes, I…

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