What An Almost-Relationship Looks Like

Thought Catalog

The Quandary

It probably starts with toying around with the thought. When you see them in a different light, a different perspective. But then again, you start to get confused. You highlight the fact that maybe you just want to be around them because they’re funny and fight back the thought that they actually make you laugh (or happy for that matter). It’s a constant push and pull. Between your mind and heart. Question marks everywhere.

The Fall

Then, the pushes and pulls are gone. This phase starts with the admission, usually by writing about him. You have feelings. No amount of justification can drive them away. Just like when they say that one day you will wake up, and you already like them. This actually happens. It’s too late to turn back — you’ve fallen.
And all you want to see is them. And all you want to be with is…

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