Why Does A Soul Want A Body?

Thought Catalog

Yesterday I took a shortcut while walking home and ended up crossing through a small graveyard in the back of a city church. I stopped and I looked at the names and the dates and the veterans and the three-year-olds and loving wives and fathers and sisters and husbands the immortalized bits of what their lives were summed up to be and I thought to myself,

Why would a soul want a body?

What can a body do that a soul canโ€™t?ย Why would it want an impermanent, gross, heavy, hurting thing?

I was standing in front of a husband and wife that died in the late 1800s. I looked at their final resting places, a few inches away from one another, and realized,

A soul canโ€™t touch.

Assuming the idea that a soul is an energy field, that our spirits do indeed exceed the speck of life our bodies provideโ€ฆ

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