Our song.

Songs that pull at our
Deepest Heart strings never fade
Our song still resonates with me
It was once filled
With the most special harmonies
Magical melodies and Lyrics
That touched our deepest scars

The beat is getting faster for you
As the bridge approaches
And it slows down for me
As I always get stuck in first verse
this song occupies my memory
as I replay it over and over
The release of dopamine
keeps me high on this tune
The musical chemicals fill me
My heart races faster as I get lost in
The resonation of you and me
It fills my withered heart strings
It’s like an addiction
And I’m in love with this feeling

For you the feeling is fading and
Is filling with current muses
Messy choruses and
Heavy Screaming with a series of
Over produced lifeless records
Getting lost in the spotlight
And attention that fills
Holes in your soul

Artists always seem to find beauty
In broken and beautiful things
Which is why we find inspiration
In all things unfinished and blurry
But maybe one day we’ll create
An entire album of beautiful memories


(Copyrighted on 9/28/14)


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