What Happens When You’ve Been Sad For Too Long

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https://www.flickr.com/photos/shewatchedthesky/2835193235/in/photolist-5jx7aZ-gfHPdW-dQiFdM-hcMniH-5516Bp-akWnk8-ojrkS-6saNDt-4P2xyM-2q5YuU-cDJZfw-cKgfT-xNjEG-4ov7x6-37F5xR-68nvBr-5FmYzt-agTrYS-gvkTr1-htcoUi-9CAHM-46NvmF-o8scnD-nrrdM-dXW5J7-5wM7SL-9aU6qB-kzgsEP-bfA86e-4sadNf-bjvpfi-otMkd-nToDBN-68Svvu-b8ZX6-9EHnu1-69B3mH-eMtbCV-5vYUtT-5ZQDK7-4WCzkK-7aCp9W-9jA2o1-9rfLbc-4jofA1-6A4xqA-6CzW1N-9zHAz5-efyCAJ-BvVVs Nawal Al-Mashouq

Sometimes I look into the mirror and ask myself “how could this happen to me?”

The last few years have changed so much. I’ve been subject to pain, depression, sadness and every form of agony that a human mind can experience. Life happens to all of us, but for some people it’s never the way we want it to be. A wrong turn here and there and you’re stuck in the labyrinth of sadness forever. And when the anguish surpasses the breaking point, there’s no turning back. You’re stuck with misery forever.

If you’ve ever felt the sense of grief as deeply as I have, you might agree that the aftermath leads to such consequences as:

It gets compulsive. After a point sadness is a sort of habit. You can’t really function without the empty ache somewhere inside you. Somehow, after you’ve been exposed to such an intense…

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