17 Signs This Mercury Retrograde Is Really F*cking With You

Thought Catalog

Margot GabelMargot Gabel

1. You have found yourself in the deepest and darkest of funks. Just, whatโ€™s the point anymore? When does it end? Why are we here?

2. You are actually having an existential crisis right now. Itโ€™s in progress. You are questioning your entire existence. Nothing is okay!

3. Anything that could go wrong or wayward is doing so. You spilled coffee on your favorite shirt. You burned your tongue. You fell randomly in the middle of the sidewalk while wearing flat shoes. Pretty much all activities you could do normally are completely fucking with you right now.

4. You may have felt the desire to wear all black to match your mood. Black on black on black is the go-to during this moody emo time weโ€™re all going through.

5. Do you feel like you have no control over your emotions? Have you turned into the most sensitiveโ€ฆ

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