How To Be The One He Regrets Losing

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Everyoneโ€™s eyes were on you. The way you held an audience with such ease was admirable. You were funny. Not that juvenile-one-liner funny either. You revealed a sincere sense of humor that even cracked up the old men at the next table over. Your personality was much too large for this foreign tavern; it barely contained your laughter directed at your own foolishness. It was to the point where it took everything in me to not stare and giggle aloud at your animated gestures from across the bar. ย I was drawn in immediately. The way you carried on a conversation with a stranger you had just met, the way you leaned in close to make sure every ounce of your attention was focused on each person you spoke to.

I waited patiently for the split second when you were alone to move closer. The whiskey and smokedโ€ฆ

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