Hearts on fire

I wonder if you knew you were playing with matches when you lit my heart on fire. Your touch was made of magic and I miss the chemicals that flowed heavily through me when we kissed. I wonder if you ever think about me and how my heart has turned to the coldest icicles, melting away each day. You’ll go to bed with her as I spend my weekends with boys who will never know my name. I chase people like this because I like to pretend they are you, we both know I’ve always loved fantasies. Maybe the reason I’ve always been so fond of you was because I understood the sadness in your eyes or maybe how our bodies fit perfectly together and how somehow you managed to get through the wreckage and become trapped in the deepest parts of my soul. I didn’t believe in ghosts until you said my name for the last time and how I’ve been haunted ever since. A year ago I would have never thought I was capable of these words. I now find romance in empty bottles and long nights spent high with people who will never even scratch the surface of my mind. Romance is dead just like us, the closest thing I have to the memories we once had is these poems I spill my heart into. My soul bleeds on this paper and I find peace within this sadness. I hope you know I still fucking burn for you.


Copy right on 10/16/14


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