11 Things That Really Empathetic People Will Understand

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The SopranosThe Sopranos

1. You probably tend to be very forgiving of people’s flaws and weaknesses. You look for good intentions and true character beneath a person’s weaker moments. You know that you’ve fucked up and had to ask for forgiveness from others and appreciate when the tables are turned.

2. You rarely assume that you can know or understand someone at first meeting, or even the second, or third. First impressions may be important, but they are not impossible to overcome, at least not in your book. You believe that getting to know someone is a lifelong endeavor with many twists and turns.

3. You’re a great listener in a way that only a very understanding person can be. You enjoy and encourage others to open up to you and are usually accepting and kind. The downside being that you may have difficultly reciprocating such openness in turn.

4. When…

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