9 Realistic, Less Obvious Things I Look For In A Relationship

Thought Catalog

I’m sure all of us have noticed the recent trend of internet lists. You know what I’m talking about: “10 Reasons Why Summer Is the Best,” “15 Ways That Mornings Suck,” and the most popular are always, “Some Random Number About How A Man Should Do Something To Or For A Woman.”

I’m not so sure what spiked the popularity of these lists. Is it because we’re all too lazy to read an entire article and a list just sums it up for us? Or, possibly, because at least one of those things is always so blatantly obvious that we end up saying, “O-M-G! That is totes me and exactly how I want my dream-boo to be!” I’m definitely guilty of reposting some of the funny ones about best friends because, well, sometimes I am too lazy to read an entire article, and sometimes it does “totes remind me of…

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