A night at the ER.

As I lay in this cold hospital bed, filled with ivs…Trying to hide back tears. The monitor is lying about my vitals being normal, When I feel like I’m dying. I hear a baby’s cry from down the hall desperately trying to get someone to love him as his pain radiates through these cold halls. The women next to me begging her husband to just let her sleep as they try to run tests on her heart to find the source of her willingness to give up. The man on the other side of me so drugged out on pain killers his snores echo through the whole hospital~ at least he’s getting some sleep. As they wheel me away for more tests I begin to realize why this place will never feel safe. I see all the empty un compassionate doctors desperately trying to find a diagnosis for all the people they can’t bare to look in the eye. I see a man laying out In the hall who looks like he saw hell. All I want to do is tell him he’ll be alright, even though I have no idea where his pain is hidden inside. My body starts to shake as I feel the saline coldness creep through my veins. All this pain will soon be over. The morphine quickly kicks in and I begin to feel numb~ I slowly drift off and this is the most happy I’ve felt in months.

K. J.


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