4 Reasons Why Lust Is Actually More Dangerous Than Love

Thought Catalog

We live in a generation where hook-ups based purely upon the announcement of last call are a somewhat expected and welcomed part of our oat sewing. Often times, whether that last keg stand or that backwash of someone’s misplaced Domestic beer tipped you over the edge, that guy who earlier resembled a taller version of a hobbit or a super bro-tastic douche looks like a delicious man candy waiting to be unwrapped. Beer goggles have been getting people laid from the time things began to ferment. I’m sure we have a great deal of the population based purely on dollar pitcher nights.

The thing is, beer goggles are disappointing when you take them off in the light of day, while trying to see through a headache and past the stained Scooby Doo sheets and the science experiment growing in his bathtub. But you’re prepared for them. A certain part of…

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