A Letter To The Guy Who Never Loved Me Back

Thought Catalog

Dear Love,

I am drafting this letter on the bench we used to frequent.

If you’re reading this now, this letter was sent a year ago and the feelings may be gone (I suppose) but the memories will linger on and relive inside the corners of my mind.

You crushed me. Again. I couldn’t find a better avenue than this because as much as I wanted to talk about us to someone, I don’t want to burden my friends anymore with all the dramas you put me into. You’re the source of all my emotions and the only one I want to talk about it with and therefore I am writing this letter to you, but in a different lifetime.

I don’t intend to write down and rant about how you got me dizzy trying to run me around in circles and leaving me hanging.

You told me you have…

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