4 Reasons Why Lust Is Actually More Dangerous Than Love

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We live in a generation where hook-ups based purely upon the announcement of last call are a somewhat expected and welcomed part of our oat sewing. Often times, whether that last keg stand or that backwash of someone’s misplaced Domestic beer tipped you over the edge, that guy who earlier resembled a taller version of a hobbit or a super bro-tastic douche looks like a delicious man candy waiting to be unwrapped. Beer goggles have been getting people laid from the time things began to ferment. I’m sure we have a great deal of the population based purely on dollar pitcher nights.

The thing is, beer goggles are disappointing when you take them off in the light of day, while trying to see through a headache and past the stained Scooby Doo sheets and the science experiment growing in his bathtub. But you’re prepared for them. A certain part of…

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You Were A Quiet Storm I Never Saw Coming

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Suddenly, overnight, you had manifested in to this living, breathing thing that was now a part of my life, a part of my every day. I shared parts of my soul with you I tend to keep hidden and tucked away out of fear that someone might break them, they might misplace them and leave a part of me somewhere I never wanted to be. But you became that person, the one I whispered secrets to at 4 am, who I talked to every morning, and every night, just to see hear your voice change from the morning hush to your night time rasp, the one who congratulated me on my wins and comforted me on my losses and always knew the right thing to say.

Somehow, without knowing when that exact moment had taken place — you had become that person for me. I always thought it was the…

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A night at the ER.

As I lay in this cold hospital bed, filled with ivs…Trying to hide back tears. The monitor is lying about my vitals being normal, When I feel like I’m dying. I hear a baby’s cry from down the hall desperately trying to get someone to love him as his pain radiates through these cold halls. The women next to me begging her husband to just let her sleep as they try to run tests on her heart to find the source of her willingness to give up. The man on the other side of me so drugged out on pain killers his snores echo through the whole hospital~ at least he’s getting some sleep. As they wheel me away for more tests I begin to realize why this place will never feel safe. I see all the empty un compassionate doctors desperately trying to find a diagnosis for all the people they can’t bare to look in the eye. I see a man laying out In the hall who looks like he saw hell. All I want to do is tell him he’ll be alright, even though I have no idea where his pain is hidden inside. My body starts to shake as I feel the saline coldness creep through my veins. All this pain will soon be over. The morphine quickly kicks in and I begin to feel numb~ I slowly drift off and this is the most happy I’ve felt in months.

K. J.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Being Lonely

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My friend texted me from the library the other night and said “I’m lonely.” It was 11 at night but I had been lonely in my room, too, so I went and I joined him, and we sat in the library basement in silence, side by side. It was a little more bearable, to be lonely together.

It was weird, that night, and my friend was mostly joking when he said he was lonely. He just wanted company while he finished his Sociology essay, someone to sit by him while he wrote about Inequality in the Workplace. But it made me think about loneliness, about feelings, about the urge to have someone sit next to you at night in the library, even if you don’t speak to each other.

We are all lonely, in some way or another. We all crave human attention, human touch, human love. We all yearn…

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Why Healing Is A Continuous Cycle


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It has been three years since my freshman year in college. Three years since I found myself spiraling down a really dark path and losing my faith in the good in this world. Three years since I lay in bed and strongly considered what my point was in this life and why I was here.

You would think that three years of healing and getting better would be enough time. You would think that with three whole years things would be 100% better and the bad days would be few and far between. You would think that three years is a lifetime ago when you are 20-something years old and that you could barely remember what happened last week, let alone three years ago.

You would be wrong.

I thought this and I was wrong.

Don’t get me wrong. It has been three long and painful years and I can…

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9 Realistic, Less Obvious Things I Look For In A Relationship

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I’m sure all of us have noticed the recent trend of internet lists. You know what I’m talking about: “10 Reasons Why Summer Is the Best,” “15 Ways That Mornings Suck,” and the most popular are always, “Some Random Number About How A Man Should Do Something To Or For A Woman.”

I’m not so sure what spiked the popularity of these lists. Is it because we’re all too lazy to read an entire article and a list just sums it up for us? Or, possibly, because at least one of those things is always so blatantly obvious that we end up saying, “O-M-G! That is totes me and exactly how I want my dream-boo to be!” I’m definitely guilty of reposting some of the funny ones about best friends because, well, sometimes I am too lazy to read an entire article, and sometimes it does “totes remind me of…

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This Is How Your Relationship Will End

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Doubt creeps in with the cool of winter.

As you begin spending more time indoors, nestled together like frightened children in a thunderstorm, you feel the distance between you grow. You miss the way they once missed you. The way their eyes would come alive as they dropped their keys on the kitchen bench at the end of a long day. The way they’d turn to you as if only you could quench their thirst.

The familiarity of routine has inevitably rendered your presence ordinary, unremarkable. Much like an old mattress you’d gladly collapse on one night, and throw away the next. While they might still say I love you, you suspect it’s become a reactionary kind of love — an emotional reflex. A knee-jerk response of the heart.

It’s been so long, after all.

Your domestic settling has coincided with a rare time of traction in your respective…

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11 Things That Really Empathetic People Will Understand

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The SopranosThe Sopranos

1. You probably tend to be very forgiving of people’s flaws and weaknesses. You look for good intentions and true character beneath a person’s weaker moments. You know that you’ve fucked up and had to ask for forgiveness from others and appreciate when the tables are turned.

2. You rarely assume that you can know or understand someone at first meeting, or even the second, or third. First impressions may be important, but they are not impossible to overcome, at least not in your book. You believe that getting to know someone is a lifelong endeavor with many twists and turns.

3. You’re a great listener in a way that only a very understanding person can be. You enjoy and encourage others to open up to you and are usually accepting and kind. The downside being that you may have difficultly reciprocating such openness in turn.

4. When…

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Hearts on fire

I wonder if you knew you were playing with matches when you lit my heart on fire. Your touch was made of magic and I miss the chemicals that flowed heavily through me when we kissed. I wonder if you ever think about me and how my heart has turned to the coldest icicles, melting away each day. You’ll go to bed with her as I spend my weekends with boys who will never know my name. I chase people like this because I like to pretend they are you, we both know I’ve always loved fantasies. Maybe the reason I’ve always been so fond of you was because I understood the sadness in your eyes or maybe how our bodies fit perfectly together and how somehow you managed to get through the wreckage and become trapped in the deepest parts of my soul. I didn’t believe in ghosts until you said my name for the last time and how I’ve been haunted ever since. A year ago I would have never thought I was capable of these words. I now find romance in empty bottles and long nights spent high with people who will never even scratch the surface of my mind. Romance is dead just like us, the closest thing I have to the memories we once had is these poems I spill my heart into. My soul bleeds on this paper and I find peace within this sadness. I hope you know I still fucking burn for you.


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