Spongy heart

Her heart was like a sponge soaking up every person she ever loved. Some are heavier then others. Causing her heart to drown in the water that filled holes of the polyester. The longer the hurt sat the more bacteria that grew, making her very sick. When she finally got the courage to wring it […]

2 am Thoughts

Letting someone in is like letting them take a loaded gun to your warm beating heart; not knowing if they will pull the trigger and leave you cold hearted and broken. I never let anyone that close to see inside my soul. But with you it was different, I let you in. You see because […]

3 am thoughts

Two hearts My heart is a wild and loving creature waiting for that special someone to be able to tame my tenacious spirit. Your wilted heart was caged so deeply in your ribs, someone like me could never find their way in. It hurt to care when you couldn’t. You were my death and I […]