Perfect vs. Passion

If I had to choose between perfect & passion In love i’d choose passion every time. Passion is what makes me feel alive, its messiness and rawness consumes me in the best way possible. Perfect is and has always been boring to me. It’s easy to love someone when they are perfect on paper, With every flaw hidden & only the surface present. Beauty on the outside always fades leaving you with a corpse. To love with passion and rawness allowing yourself to see an inner beauty after digging deep into someone’s inner most self…that’s where magic happens & the most exceptional relationships grow-And this is also the only feeling I will ever settle for.

A Letter To The Guy Who Never Loved Me Back

Thought Catalog

Dear Love,

I am drafting this letter on the bench we used to frequent.

If youโ€™re reading this now, this letter was sent a year ago and the feelings may be gone (I suppose) but the memories will linger on and relive inside the corners of my mind.

You crushed me. Again. I couldnโ€™t find a better avenue than this because as much as I wanted to talk about us to someone, I donโ€™t want to burden my friends anymore with all the dramas you put me into. Youโ€™re the source of all my emotions and the only one I want to talk about it with and therefore I am writing this letter to you, but in a different lifetime.

I donโ€™t intend to write down and rant about how you got me dizzy trying to run me around in circles and leaving me hanging.

You told me you haveโ€ฆ

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